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Indian Pumps Directory SolutionThe last decade has seen changes on technology from that was not witnessed over 50 years in the past. While we are trying to keep pace with technology, we have little time to ponder over the basics of equipments used. In the present scenario, an engineer is faced with a choice of multitude of pumps. It is this choice that makes the selection difficulty Selected properly, a pump will continue to operate as designed without ant difficulty.

However, the selection of pump for a given duty is the first task that must be free from error.

Apart from the usual parameters such as flow rate, suction and discharge pressure, liquid characteristic, pumping temperature etc, other considerations such as requirement of constant flow, non-emulsifying pumping, ability to handle variety of liquids using the pump must also be made clear for correct selection.

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Indian Pumps Directory SevicesA Few Reminders; Pump Selection: • Do not oversize pumps. This leads to uneconomical operation and generally narrows the safe operating range of capacities.     • Do not try to select pumps with excessively low required NPSH (Net Positive Suction Head).     • Do not falsify real available NPSH, trying to keep a margin up your sleeve. This leads to selection of pumps with excessively high Suction Specific Speeds and high minimum flows.


Do provide sufficient submergence over intake piping to prevent vortex formation. Do not use suction elbows in a plane parallel to the shaft; place them in the plane perpendicular to the shaft. Do not use the pump casing as an anchor for the piping. If you use expansion joints, support and anchor them independently of the pump. Do provide adequate flow, pressure and temperature instrumentation for each pump.